Yuji Nakagawa

Yuji Nakagawa is a Japanese-born sarangi player is one of the senior-most disciples of the late Pt.Dhruba Ghosh.

Yuji learnt from his guru for over 12 years,in the rigorous guru-shishya parampara,supported in part by an ICCR scholarship from 2009-2015.
His initial months of training in the sarangi were in Varanasi, from senior sarangi master Ustad Faiyaz Ali Khan. He also received some technical guidance from Shri Sangeet Mishra.

Yuji has performed extensively as a solist,and has also accompanied many eminent Hindustani classical musicians. He has performed solo sarangi recitals across India, and has given solo and ensemble performances in countries including Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, the Netherlands, Belgium and his home country Japan.

Yuji's performance have been received with critical acclaim, and he has also received awards and scholarship for his music, including Swar Sadhana Smith's Indian Classical Music and Dance Competition in 2016, Osaka International Music Competition in 2017.